Another picture of St Andrews, on a different night. Posted by Picasa

Forbidden Fruit.  Posted by Picasa

taken at Temple wood Posted by Picasa

One of our kittens, Colin. Posted by Picasa


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Down at Surfleet Resovior Posted by Picasa


Took this a couple of years ago, over looking the Beauly Firth, just outside Inverness. Posted by Picasa

These Swans had just been fed by some old biddy on the opposite bank. This Swan saw me and thought I was gonna do the same... Sucker! Posted by Picasa

Find the shapes of these things fasinating, god knows why! Posted by Picasa

Taken at Surfleet Resovior, thought I would get myself some excersise and fresh air.  Posted by Picasa


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Some of my drinking buddies! Posted by Picasa

St Andrew's church, near Billingborough. Posted by Picasa

The walk home from school. Posted by Picasa

Friends 34th taken last year Posted by Picasa

Taken in Bourne Woods. Posted by Picasa


A reminder of sunnier times! Posted by Picasa


Pete waiting for his egg and chips! Posted by Picasa